Realistic 1

This is a simple step-by-step solution guide for Realistic Mission 1 on This mission starts out with a message from HeavyMetalRain.


Your buddy needs you to boost his band "Raging Inferno" up the listings on Uncle Arnold's Band Review Page.

Navigate to the band review page

The formatting on this page is pretty bad, so zoom out a little and you'll be able to see the content a bit better.


Locate your friend's band

First you need to find Raging Inferno, which is currently at the bottom.


Inspect the <select> drop-down box

Here you can see the votes are chosen by a drop down box.

Each option probably contains the value for each vote. Edit it by right-clicking and inspecting element.


Then locate the <select> tags containing the "<option>"s in the drop down box.

The <option> tag's "value" parameter

Change the <option> value of one of the options to something high so that the system will average out the score to something incredible for your buddy.



Select the edited <option> and click vote. Don't worry about changing the text between the <option> tags, only the "value=" parameter matters in this case!

622 1

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