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Twitter Hack Tool v2.02 (TwitHack)

This Twitter hack otherwise known as Twithack has been causing havoc for some time but only within private communities. Now you can download Twithack for free so that you can hack twitter too.
Twitter Hack

This article will go over some of the features of this hack. At the end of the post there is a free download link so that you can obtain the twitter hack from

Twitter Hack Features

This hack is very simple to use, once you’ve download it (scroll the the bottom of the page) you all you need to is copy the profile URL from twitter and paste it into the program, this not only grabs the email for you but all doubles up as a twitter password hack too as it will recover the password provided you select the option on the hack interface.

Free Twithack Plugins

Similarly to the Snapchat Hack we recently posted, this software also includes a huge range of additional plugins that you can use, which you can get access to by click the Download Plugins button; once you’ve downloaded the plugins for the program you simply have to click the load buttons and they’ll be integrated into the software.

Console Log

The console feature in this twitter hack is where all the information is displayed to you, so if you decide to recover the email or password then you will see the information here. It will also let you know if you need to update, if the URL is invalid and whether or not there is something wrong with the program or how you’re using it.

Proxy Support

The plugin I would most advise that you use is the proxy.dll plugin as you don’t really want to be caught trying to hack twitter with this software.

Download Twitter Hack v2.02

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