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Twitter Hack Tool v2.02 (TwitHack)

This Twitter hack otherwise known as Twithack has been causing havoc for some time but only within private communities. Now you can download Twithack for free so that you can hack twitter too.
Twitter Hack

This article will go over some of the features of this hack. At the end of the post there is a free download link so that you can obtain the twitter hack from

Twitter Hack Features

This hack is very simple to use, once you’ve download it (scroll the the bottom of the page) you all you need to is copy the profile URL from twitter and paste it into the program, this not only grabs the email for you but all doubles up as a twitter password hack too as it will recover the password provided you select the option on the hack interface.

Free Twithack Plugins

Similarly to the Snapchat Hack we recently posted, this software also includes a huge range of additional plugins that you can use, which you can get access to by click the Download Plugins button; once you’ve downloaded the plugins for the program you simply have to click the load buttons and they’ll be integrated into the software.

Console Log

The console feature in this twitter hack is where all the information is displayed to you, so if you decide to recover the email or password then you will see the information here. It will also let you know if you need to update, if the URL is invalid and whether or not there is something wrong with the program or how you’re using it.

Proxy Support

The plugin I would most advise that you use is the proxy.dll plugin as you don’t really want to be caught trying to hack twitter with this software.

Download Twitter Hack v2.02

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Heroes of The Storm Gold Hack

There’s nothing better than having a bunch of it, but it can be quite hard to get. So why not just use our Heroes of The Storm gold hack and destroy the competition!

Heroes of The Storm Logo

Heroes of the Storm Gold Guide on YouTube

If you’re not a fan of doing it the hard way then just use our gold hack!

What is Heroes of The Storm? (You should probably know if you’re here…)

Heroes of the Storm is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game developed by Blizzard Entertainment.
Players battle it out for supremacy of the battlefield, taking on the role of one of Blizzard’s all-star cast from across the Warcraft, Diablo and Starcraft universes.

Given that you’re on this page… I’m guessing that you’re looking for a heroes of the storm gold hack, right?

Well make sure: you read everything first before you dive in!

Our Heroes of the Storm Gold Hack

Here’s two important notes before you continue:

  • You can download this hack for free
  • It is undetecable

It gets better though…

Seemingly Impossible Features

  • The ability to obtain unlimited gold
  • Undetectable
  • Works where ever you are in the world
  • Multi-platform, so it works on:
    • Windows
    • Mac
    • Linux (When using Wine)

Check out how cool the hack looks…

Heroes of the Storm Gold Hack

Now you can’t tell me that you’re not excited to get hold of this.

But wait, here’s the deal:

Before you go raging into action on Heroes of the Storm, please, take a moment to consider other people’s enjoyment.

While we can’t stop you from expoiting this gold hack, we would advise against you using it for any malicious purposes.

People will be mad so try and keep it on the low!

The less people that know about you using our gold hack the better.

That’s all really!

Virus Total Scans

All of the software avaliable on is 100% malware free and we pride ourselves on keeping it that way. However, for your benefit here are the VirusTotal results so that you may rest assured that you are safe from any bugs.

Heroes of The Storm Gold Hack No Virus

Download via.

Firstly: the reason that we use is because it encrypts all downloads and communications. You can see how and why they encrypt all of their data here.

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Snapchat Hack v3.01 Installer & User Guide

Snapchat Hack v.301 is a new program that could be the tool behind some of the more recent things that we’ve all seen across the news as it enables users to hack snapchat.

In this article I’ll introduce you to the newest snapchat hack on HVCKS. At the end of the post you will be able to download it for free.

Snapchat Hack v3.01 Features

Snapchat Hack

You can see the snaphack GUI above and it’s very similar to our recent Twitter Hack,  but I’ll go over some of the more important features of the program too.

Regularly updated Snapchat Hack

Firstly you’ve got the Updates section on the top left of the software, it’s really important that you ensure you’re kept up to date to so that you’re protected. As with most software, snapchat is constantly being upgraded so you will be forced to update the software from time to time so that you’re actually able to hack snapchat.

Software updates rarely take longer than a few seconds due to the lightweight nature of the software. You must be connected to the internet to update the software.

User targetting

Next there’s the username box, this is where you put in the target snapchat account that you want to gain access to. Once you’ve put in the username that you want to target, you can select a few things you want to download, these can be:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Chat Log

This program is very unique in that it can acquire content that has already been opened in the past. Photos, videos and chat logs are all stored by SnapChat so using this hack you will be able to recover any content that may have long been forgotten.

Snapchat Password Recovery Hack

Additionally you can also recover the snapchat account’s password. Using this will be able log in to the account in future if you wish to. It is not advisable to use this feature as you may leave a footprint of your access to the account if you login via. phone.

Console Log

In the console box you’ll be able to see exactly what’s happening and any error messages that may arise. This will enable you to fix anything that you may have forgotten to do and will alert you if the username is invalid.

The console log will also alert you when you need to update the software which is very handy too.

Extra plugins

The plugins feature is possibly one of the best parts about this snapchat hack as there is a whole array of addons that you can use by clicking the “Download Plugins” button.

If you do decide any add ons such as the proxy support feature, be sure to click the “load plugins” option so that they’re integrated into the software.

Download Snapchat Hack v3.01

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